If you would like to submit a bug, request a feature (including support for specific features of some 8051 derivatives), ask a question or just send a report of a successfully completed project using Turbo51, then you can use the form below or send a mail to info [at] turbo51 dot com. Usually I answer within 2-3 days.

For bug reports please follow these rules: describe exactly what doesn't work as expected, report compiler version (always use the latest version) and other important circumstances. In order to find the cause and to fix it I have to reproduce the problem. Please try to reproduce the problem with the shortest code possible (it may help if you attach this piece of code). Before submitting new bug report please check at the development page if this bug is not already reported.

For feature requests please understand that I am doing this in spare time. Of course, all your proposals are welcome and will be noted, but I have also other things to do. Before submitting new feature request please check at the development page if this feature is not already requested. Be patient and regularly check this site for updates. However, if you would like to support further development of Turbo51 (this takes up a considerable amount of my time), you are welcome to donate some small amount via PayPal.

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