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Turbo Pascal is definitely the most popular implementation of a Pascal compiler. It was released by Boralnd in early 1980 and available for CP/M and PC platforms. At that time it was a revolutionary product. In one package you got integrated development environment where you coud edit, run and debug software, the compiler was fast and generated compact executable code. Borland also added few important syntax elements to fill the gaps in the standard Pascal. Turbo Pascal evolved and reached version 7 in early 1990s. In 2008 Borland Software Corporation sold its software development tools division, CodeGear, to Embarcadero Technologies.

Pascal programming language was taught at many schools to encourage structured programming. Turbo Pascal was an elegant solution to implement arbitrary algorithm in Pascal language. Pascal programming language is still considered easy to write and easy to read. Therefore, there are many projects written with Turbo Pascal. Unfortunately, the compiler is not available anymore. It is an outdated product which was replaced in 1990s with Delphi, a rapid application development platform for Windows. If you still have old Turbo Pascal projects and would like to compile them you are probably looking for Turbo Pascal download sources. Here are listed some known sources of old compiler versions and solutions with Turbo Pascal compatible command line compilers. You can download Borland Pascal compilers from the Embarcadero website where they have published some antique software.

Download Borland Turbo Pascal - compiler download sources

Turbo Pascal 1.0

Turbo Pascal 3.02

Turbo Pascal 5.5

These historical Borland compilers are provided to the community free of charge. They may be downloaded and used "as is" for personal use only.

Turbo Pascal Compiler Written In Turbo Pascal

This is not the original Borland Turbo Pascal 7 compiler but a compatible one. It is compatible on the source and binary level and generates exactly the same unit and executable files. There are two versions, TPC16 and TPC32. TPC16 is a direct replacement of the Turbo Pascal 7 TPC.EXE command line compiler. It is a DOS application and has some memory limitations. TPC32 is the same compiler compiled with Delphi and therefore has few memory limitations. It still generates 16-bit x86 code. Source code for both compilers (Turbo Pascal 7 for TPC16 and Delphi 7 for TPC32) is also available. Both fully functional compilers are available in the demo versions of the source code packages.

TPC16 - Turbo Pascal 7 compatible DOS compiler

TPC32 - Turbo Pascal 7 compatible Win32 compiler

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